Boudica Bay wins….advised @ 6/1


A third winner of the week with Eric Alston’s BOUDICA BAY getting home by a decent length and a half. Tyler Heard always had him handy and never looked like being beaten when he hit the front 🙂

Three winners this week has gotten the bank moving northwards again ahead of the weekends cards.


For those on the new 2021/22 £1k to £10k Annual Challenge, the bank is £1158.14 and current full stakes, unless advised, £13.46 EW

The 2021 Turf bank currently stands at +10.0 pts to 1pt EW stakes with over a 40% win/place rate. 

The 2020/21 All Weather bank ended at +144 pts to 1pt EW stakes with over a 39% win/place rate. 


…….this is what private members received at 8.00am in the morning…….


Today’s Selections


Nottingham 15.55

Our local handler, Eric Alston has been using his claimers to good advantage this season and puts Tyler Heard up top of BOUDICAY BAY.

This one has tended to give us one a season and has dropped to a decent looking mark. Still looking for the winning formula since Rachel Richardson had with him, has been in the mixer on last two runs.

Has run here once prior under RR finishing 4th of 11 after a prominent run from 4 higher than today’s 56. Now 10 below his last winning rating the claimers extra 5 off should hopefully get him home.

Harrogate is our only other tracker going but notched shortly after that write up at lumping odds in an apprentices. Not been the same upped 5 and ours looks to have a nice pull on him from their early season Catterick H2H when ours wasn’t firing.

The trainer has a decent record when bringing them down here and there’s plenty of 6/1 and 4 paying slots this morning.


Nottingham 15.55 – Boudica Bay (Full Stakes Challenge)



Today’s Bets……..

Good luck if you’re going with our EW selections today.


Nottingham 15.55 – Boudica Bay (Full Stakes Challenge) – Won Advised 6/1


For New or Upgrade’s to Memberships…….



Here’s a spreadsheet of our betting selections and results after we decided to go to a paid service after we found other groups ‘ripping’ our selections…. just switch between the tabs at the bottom of the sheet to view each year


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