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Mathematical Betting Strategy

Mathematical Betting Strategy


This service is based on the following premise:

“The key to success in betting is the ability to identify value bet situations where the odds available are greater than the true chance of winning and then to have the discipline to methodically bet only when these situations arise.

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Inform Speed Ratings – FOC TRIAL!!

Inform Speed Ratings – FOC TRIAL!!

An offer that’s been brought to our attention and without any catches comes from Inform Racing  and it’s days and counting left on their offer…

Inform Racing has been online and providing speed ratings and winners since way back in 2003 and the service continues to improve and grow…….… Read more...

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Bonus Bagging

Bonus Bagging


Ever heard about the Bonus Bagging Service developed by Mike Cruickshank? If not then read on….

If you’ve ever wanted to leverage FREE MONEY, just like rich people do…With ZERO risk of loss… the exclusive Bonus Bagging Loophole Service is YOUR ONLY CHOICE!Read more...

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Trading in running: Betting strategies

Trading in running

We’ve been asked the question regarding ‘trading in running’ as a methodology to profits from backing horses and studying how a horse runs a race will help this.

Running style……

Horses are pack animals driven by their herding instinct and why they exhibit different in-play characteristics.… Read more...

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Draw Bias

Draw Bias on UK Racecourses

Draw bias - Doncaster Always Back Winners

We’re often asked about the importance of draw bias and we use a lot of this information when making our notebook selections so the following is a summary of what we feel is useful information in making your selections.Read more...

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Exchange Betting & Trading

Exchange Betting & Trading

Exchange Betting

Exchange Betting & Trading can be a profitable one when successfully achieving a ‘Green Book’ and locking in a profit whatever the outcome.

Here’s how it is best achieved…

Betfair provides an ideal medium for this and if you can achieve that idyllic situation on your account – the fabled Green Book, then you are in a position on a market where you eliminate any risk and put yourself in the green on every possible outcome.… Read more...

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Draw No Bet

Draw No Bet….What does it mean?


Draw No bet is commonly used when betting on sports team matches, and means that punters will get their stake back if the game is a draw. Draw No Bet is not so much a type of bet as a betting strategy. 

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Betting Goals Scored or Goals Over

Goals Scored or Goals Over……can you pick them?

goals over or goals scored

Betting Goals Scored or Goals Over or Under is a simple concept even if you are not a big football fan, it is simple enough to understand.

How does it work?

Goals scored or goals over or under is an easy enough one to understand……where you are betting on the total number of goals scored in the game.… Read more...

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Both Teams To Score

Betting Both Teams To Score……can you pick them?

both teams to score 1

Betting Both Teams To Score, YES or NO and picking the outcome can easily lead to a 3/1 return……can you pick them?

The both teams to score betting market has been one of the fastest growing over the past couple of years and it was the concept of Betfred who introduced their Goals Galore market.… Read more...

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Football Statistics

Football Statistics

When it comes to analysing football statistics, it is essential you have the best football statistics and resources available to ensure you always make the best predictions. 

This ensures that you maximise your profit, so knowledge is power if you are going to be in the 1{70aeb3532cb26dbe277d25ea128ebb74de84b9bd22e1583b0eb1b73768e061f6} of punters who beat the bookie you need to have access to the very best football stats.… Read more...

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