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Colossus Bet

Have you tried the Colossus Bet?

collossus bet


Become a multi-millionaire today, betting with a Colossus Bet. With a guaranteed day 1 minimum prize fund of £10,000,000, “The Colossus Bet”, an easy to play correct score Pick 7, is the world’s biggest bet!

They also offer a range of correct score and correct outcome pools, with £2,000,000 day 1 minimum guarantees in other European football leagues.

YOU can also get a FREE £10 to play with using our unique Always Back Winners CODE…..ABWWELCOME…..when you deposit and wager at least £10.

Guaranteed prize Funds

To ensure that a significant prize is always on offer to Players regardless of the amount collected by way of stakes, guaranteed prize funds are offered. A guarantee ensures a minimum amount that will be available to winners of that pool regardless of the amounts staked. Note that the guarantee is the minimum amount that will be paid out to Jackpot winners and if stakes bet into the pool (after deductions) exceed the guarantee, then the amount available to be won will be greater than the guarantee.


Your live ticket can be cashed-in at half-times and as matches in a pool complete. You can even cash-in a live ticket in fractions, taking some profit whilst retaining an interest in part of the Jackpot with the remainder of your ticket.

Why wait to see if Rooney ruins your day? Cash-in early and bank some profit!


After all matches in a pool are completed, the prize fund is paid to holders of the winning combinations.

Our headline pools also have a consolation fund which is available for players who pick the correct home/draw/away outcome in each match but not the correct score.

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Click here for more information or to get in on the world’s biggest Colossus bet!!

Don’t forget, use our unique Always Back Winners CODE…..ABWWELCOME….. and get the FREE £10 to play with when you deposit and wager at least £10. 

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