Many thanks for the numerous emails we received regarding your portfolios of complimentary betting services you use to supplement our service and to even out the flow of winners when one service…. (or ours)…. is not performing to scratch.


Geegeez Gold

Geegeez Gold is a thoroughbred form tool created by the very well known Matt Bisogno, a guy who got so fed up with the partial or missing information on the so called big boy mainstream sites that he built his own.

The racecard’s are fantastic, a quantum step forward on what you’re probably using now… first glance Gold might look like just another horseracing card but first impressions can be very deceptive.

This is a really special offer on their mainstream product called Geegeez Gold and their ‘instant expert’ tab makes it simple to spot great bets in seconds on their very unique racecard’s. They’re so easy to navigate, easy to use,…….it’s is almost certain to move your betting up a notch.

Not only is he heavily discounting subscriptions to Gold, but he’s also offering fast movers the chance to have a one to one consultation with him. The one to one chats with Matt will go quickly, so if you’d like the chance to speak with him about your betting, Gold, or whatever (within reason!)

As well as Geegeez Gold, Matt’s delivering four ‘improve your betting’ webinars for subscribers over the course of the next month; and you can try his service out for as little as one pound.

I’m not sure how long this offer will be open for but what I do know is that, when it closes, he’s increasing his prices by 20%. That’s not a marketing tactic – quite the opposite in fact – but it is a fact.

So if you’re serious about enjoying your betting more, and making  it pay, you owe it to yourself to check out Geegeez Gold and this very
special offer.

p.s. prices WILL increase next week by 20%, but you will never pay a penny more than your discounted offer price for as long as you remain a subscriber.

Right now you can try Gold out For as little a £1.00 so once you take your Gold trial, you’ll have access to a suite of powerful tools which make ‘form’ study a doddle.


ABW Team


Check out for £1.00 below…..


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