Horse Racing Selections – 14th July 2021


Midweek racecards from Catterick, Lingfield and Yarmouth.

There’s a sole selection at the garrison track today 🙂

There was numerous comments in the forum yesterday, I do like some active banter 🙂 All read and noted but apologise if I don’t answer individually. No offence taken and non intended….quote Robin S. Sharma ‘The real trick in life is to turn hindsight into foresight that reveals insight’.  The latter maybe off cue at the moment but if you think likewise you can always lay the bet? I don’t mind the autopsy, nevertheless don’t expect many of the near 50 winners per season to be ideally drawn with a good strike rate from a stable in form at odds north of 8’s etc etc 🙂

BOL today and back in the morning with around 8.30am.


For those on the new 2021/22 £1k to £10k Annual Challenge, the bank is £1179.50 and current full stakes, unless advised, £14.74 EW

The 2021 Turf bank currently stands at +65.7 pts to 1pt EW stakes with over a 42% win/place rate. 

The 2020/21 All Weather bank ended at +144 pts to 1pt EW stakes with over a 39% win/plac rate.

Link to full results >> HERE


Today’s member’s notes are below….

BOL (Best Of Luck!) with any of your betting selections.

Stay safe!

ABW Team

Today’s Selections

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  1. Well guys I can’t complain about the draw for today Parys has the second best winning stall at 13.3%

  2. Loads of Captain Hindsights on here and the biggest prize guy is yet to comment (not you David). Peter Higgins, if only betting was that simple there would be no bookmakers. Of course the draw has some importance but so has the going, stall placement, pace of the race etc,etc. At places like Beverley and Chester (traditional huge draw bias) the clerk of courses and such have been trying for a long time to nulify the draw. The latest trick is to put a cut away in to bring them more up the centre of the course……. Finding the first two winners at Beverley yesterday (before the race) was a difficult job. The first had never won a race in nine previous attempts and the second winner had never run before. The second winner was favoured by the suicidal pace the two well fancied winners went off at and nothing to do with the draw. In fact the low draw nearly did for him as he was switched out to win it… what about the third sprint? Won by a horse drawn eight of the nine that ran. The best drawn finished last but was 125/1 (statistics eh)…. Michael Heanue cancelled his subscription !! so why is he still posting his pearls of wisdom…. I said i would support Gary wherever i can. He picks in moose races so you have to expect some bad runs. However, unless he is a liar (which he isn’t) the 2020/21 turf bank is 65.7 pts up. That will do for me. Here’s a bet for Peter Higgins. Put your best bet or bets up each day and i will go with Gary’s. At the end of the turf flat season the one with the lowest amount of profit pays £50 to the others choice of charity. I am taking a chance i know because somebody who can find 14/1 first time out winners (and Faheys) must have a lot going for him !!.

    • Ian I don’t know if you have come across a guy call Gavin Priestley who raan a competition called tip idol which was a free to enter competition which ran for 16 weeks for which I won.

  3. Hi Ian, yes I would take you up on posting a daily bet but this is Gary’s site, and I would need his permission.

  4. Gary your question about high draws at Catterick on soft going,
    From 2017 to date there has been 361 races with 40 winners with a strike rate of 12.08% showing a profit at SP £45.19 and a profit to BSP £104.40,i did this from a sample of 12 runners in the field and from stall 8 to 12.

  5. Looks like Gary might have to save me from losing 50 quid then Peter. I know Gavin Priestly and Tip idol. The latest tip idol was won by A.P Racing and they get to set up a tipping site as one of the prizes. Did you get that prize also Peter when you won? If so how did it go. What i don’t get is this. I am not good enough to win money at this game so rely on people like Gary (who does win you money) and a couple of others. Surely with your vast superior knowledge of horse racing (which appears there is little doubt). Why do you subscribe to ABW ?

  6. Yes I subscribe to abw

  7. Sorry I thought you asked if I subscribe to abw, I subscribe not from a punting point, in fact I have not backed abw horses for a long time but I find it healthy and helpful to see other points of view after all that’s horse racing

  8. £25 a month for a point of view and missing out on over 200 pts profit in last year . You must be really coining it in with your own selections. i think i better call that bet off. LOL

    • Ian only 15 quid a month with a 12 months subscription which I have, so a touch under 50p a day I can cope with that.

      • Ian, today I sent four out a 5th place at 28/1 and paying 5 places, one down the track and two more to run.

  9. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at this conversation. Peter, what was the name you registered for as Tip Idol, as i am very familiar with it as well. There have only ever been two, the latest was won by AP racing as Ian stated and the winner of the first one lasted five minutes on his own tipping service before jacking it in, so which one are you and perhaps you can clarify the name you used for the first competition if that was you. Some evidence would also stand you in good stead. I’ve checked Horseracebase numerous times to try and work out how you have come up with those stats, and none bare any correlation to what you have posted, unless you are including every race over any distance, in which case its a nonsense to compare a 5f sprint with a 2m staying race in relation to draw stats. Not to mention allowing for the impact of the draw through non-runners which will impact that analysis greatly. And no matter what way you cut it there is no way there have been 360 races on soft ground in last 4 and a half years, so please can you clarify which database you are using, to ensure i avoid it in the future And as for paying £25 to read occasional comments on here, and there are days on end when there aren’t any, further comment from me on that claim would be superfluous

  10. Hi Peter, in tge first tip idol competition I ended up top and went into the play off in whick Jack beat me in the very last race of the excellent competition he tipped a horse and it finished 3rd due to a faller at the last, mine was down the field. As for the data base I use inform racing if you send me your email I will gladly send you a screenshot of the stats.

  11. So what was your username, and any evidence…??? Actually don’t worry frankly i’m not bothered either way. And If Inform racing is telling you there have been 360 races on soft going at Catterick in last 4 years then either you’re settings are wrong or you need to get a new database.

  12. If Gary says I can put up my user name then I will do

  13. Give us some selections Peter. In this downturn we could all do with a 28/1 placed horse( before its run of course). I am sure Gary wouldn’t mind and also tell us your service.
    You cannot beat a free bit of advertising. Keep it in the ABW family.

  14. I’m not concerned at people posting tips in here. That’s what a forum is for, canvassing views, members selection and general banter……..plenty going on here. Keep it friendly mind 🙂

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