Horse Racing Selections – 15th July 2021


Thursday flat racing comes from Hamilton, Leicester and Chepstow.

North of the border there’s a couple of handicaps with the opening sprint (13.30) given a selection below. Leicester is chiefly novices and 3yo’s so will also look at Chepstow today where previous winner, Our Man In Havana is back out in the (15.40) at wipes yer face prices.

Keep it clean in the forum below…..healthy banter and thoughts encouraged 🙂

BOL today and back in the morning with around 8.30am.


For those on the new 2021/22 £1k to £10k Annual Challenge, the bank is £1150.02 and current full stakes, unless advised, £14.38 EW

The 2021 Turf bank currently stands at +62.7 pts to 1pt EW stakes with over a 42% win/place rate. 

The 2020/21 All Weather bank ended at +144 pts to 1pt EW stakes with over a 39% win/plac rate.

Link to full results >> HERE


Today’s member’s notes are below….

BOL (Best Of Luck!) with any of your betting selections.

Stay safe!

ABW Team

Today’s Selections

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  1. Well yesterday i was thrown down a gauntlet from Ian Roddison for which i have picked up.So i will be posting
    bets later this and every morning and hopefully we can find a few winners along the way.

  2. Todays Tips
    13.30 Rose Bandit 1 UNIT WIN
    15.23 Seven Pockets HALF UNIT EW
    17.50 El Borracho 1 UNIT WIN

  3. Top Man Peter.Not really throwing down a gauntlet but seeing what you was made of. You are made of strong stuff. let us hope your vast knowledge of the game can help the members of ABW and hopefully put a few extra quid in their pockets. I am away from tomorrow so will look forward to see how they have gone on my return. Good look Peter a very brave effort.

  4. Hi Gary, suspect that Rhubarb has a massive run in him here and much the best bet in the race at the prices against your selection. GL for your selection Gary, hope you win if I don’t!

    • I dont need anymore bad news Ash 😪 lol 😆

      • I’ve not had a great day today so either the bad run will carry on (which is good news for you lol) or he will turn it around for me. My best bet of the day here

        • Good shout – ended up throwing a bit of shrapnel at it to counter peters first selection today!

  5. ended up 6th, probably should’ve been 2nd; Muatadel seems a long way off now with a sequence of 28 losers to break

  6. As Chris Kamara would say “Unbelievable Jeff”.
    Leo De Fury 6pm Leopardstown. Each way.
    Can’t be as bad as some tips on here ha ha.

  7. So now we have two bad tipsters LOL 🙂

  8. Here is a prediction. You will both be showing a profit at the end of the month. Cream rises to the top. That is me done till Saturday 24th. Watch the winners flow now.

  9. I’ll be putting them all in a multiple of some type no matter how small 😃
    Good luck all & thank you 👍

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