Horse Racing Selections – 15th November 2021


A five day break from the all-weather sees our next fixture at Wolves on Saturday.

I’ll concentrate on getting the tracker bang up to date and look forward to taking up Chris’s challenge of trying to find back to back winners, or even the treble 🙂

Back on Saturday around 9.00 am


Today’s member’s notes are below….

BOL (Best Of Luck!) with any of your betting selections.

Stay safe!



For those on the new 2021/22 £1k to £10k Annual Challenge, the bank is £931.10 and current full stakes, unless advised, £11.64 EW

The 2021/22 All Weather currently at -20.5 pts to 1pt EW stakes with over a 20% win/place rate. 

The 2021 Turf bank ended at +48.66 pts to 1pt EW stakes with over a 36% win/place rate. 

Link to full results >> HERE


Today’s member’s notes are below….

BOL (Best Of Luck!) with any of your betting selections.

Stay safe!

ABW Team

Today’s Selections

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  1. Now that Gary has a 5 day break i think it would be a bit of fun ,if the bedwetters and fog platters
    could post some daily selections to see if they can pick winners after all people who pay for a tipping do so because they cant pick winners themselves, so i will go first.
    LEICESTER 13.30 Alborkan WIN
    PLUMPTON 14.15 Light N Strike WIN

  2. Well two selections today and one winner at 9/4 ,he was 4.5 when i sent this out ensuring a profit on the day.

  3. I am on`e of those people who cannot pick winners on a regular basis so what i do is have a portfolio of services which has done very well over the past couple of years. I have stumbled on a method which has made me a slight profit over the past six months but not one that i would want other people to invest in. My main services are ABW, Post Racing and a free golf service in the Sporting Life run by Ben Coley. I am trialling Snowy as i have said before and he has made me 130 pts since starting on 22nd October. The free service in the Life run by Coley has made me a fair bit of money and only this weekend he found J.B Hansen who was backed at 66/1 to a pt each way and won by a stroke. Golf betting is not everybody’s cup of tea but this bloke is decent.
    Perhaps i am not making the sort of money that Peter and Nick (the resident top bananas) are making but i am doing very nicely thank you very much. I strongly recommend a portfolio unless you have the abilities of Nick and Peter, and not many of us have their talents.

    • Hi Ian,thank you for your comments I’m sure that you are better than your are saying, only bet on the nags really and a very small dabble on the main events at football, i would not know one end of a golf ball from another.

      • Does anyone subscribe to inform racing? I picked up the challenge there and lost a fair bit of money, I’ve had a dabble with the scores and cards, but fear I need to invest a great detail more time – I bought all the lists, but nothing seems to be hitting in 2021 hence my constant desire to analyse racing narratives

  4. Peter, i detest golf and the people in it and i know less than you about the game i would wager. What i do know is this guy Coley makes money or has done for some years now. Golf stands for Gentlemen only ladies forbidden. These prats that run the game had their women locked away in separate rooms whilst they drank in the bar and generally spoke b****cks. Not for my ilk, a south Yorkshire yard dog. I need to know my place……. Never heard of Inform racing Chris-8.

  5. Two For Today
    12.20 Whydah Gally EW
    14.40 Kissesforkatie WIN

  6. That Kissesforkatie was up against a Snowy horse called Seddon, tipped at 12/1 with 2 e/w on it. You were up against it there Peter.

    • Hi Ian ,This was my view of the race,She’s won first time out before and I’d imagine this would have been the plan when you consider the selection’s sire has a remarkable 26.92% win strike rate and 48%% place strike and with a combined total of 37.5 % showing a profit of 105.37 pounds with all his offspring running at this track and for a trainer that operates at a consistent 33% win strike rate, at Lingfield with all his handicap hurdlers going a fair way back. This time the current champion jockey has been booked so the indication that now Harry Skelton now takes the reins, would suggest she is ready to do herself justice first time out, when you consider he operates at a 50% win strike rate from all rides for this yard.

  7. My word Peter, your brain must be frazzled will all those stats swimming around. I will give you one stat that is part of what i use as one of the main planks of my selection process. Jeremy Scott has had two winners from his last fifty runners. The stables horses are running way below expectations. You clearly study this game deeply and i am sure you are one of the 2% that make a profit. Me i prefer to let Gary talk to the mooses, play safe with dutching and Ron Robinson and follow old Ben and the golfing brigade. I also spend a bit of time form studying etc but cannot call on the depth of knowledge you use. Congratulations to the Pilgrims who sent the pigs back up north with their tails between their legs. Up The Millers.

  8. Just as I thought and said Ian, bedwetters and fog platters could not pick a winner of a two horse race seller

  9. Not sure who the bedwetters and fog platters are who you are trying to draw in Peter. I think i might be one. My fellow ‘wetters’ might be like me use a portfolio to make our money. I am not into bragging about how good i am at selecting winners because i am not very good at doing it. Only this last six months or so have i found a method that is just about keeping its head above water. This last weekend saw my portfolio make some decent money but only yesterday i took a fair hit in the other direction where everything i backed got beat including Snowys two. That is horse racing. You have to have confidence in the services and methods you use, only then can you make a long term profit and accept these short term losses which there will be plenty of.
    So no selctions from me Peter. Why? Because my process is not good enough yet.

  10. Gary I thought there was an excel sheet with all the bets struck listed but I don’t seem able to locate it on the website Can you put it up – Ta

  11. Gary Iwanted to ask about full results sheet but get a knock back –

  12. Cant find it on the website

  13. Hi guys, as I feel like it is a good and honest community here, I can chime with my 2 cents.
    Like others, I have tried many services. As I am non-UK, I can legally bet on Matchbook only, or when I get a bought BET365 account, I am there too.
    Funny to say that most services, hugely profitable, failed the expectations. I tried them all (nearly) 😀

    My most profitable service has been Jeremiah Catskill. He is the man. Real man with achievable odds and huge ROI even on exchange. I do not know how he does it, but he has been doing it for me since 2020.

    Others I have are PuntHub’s Wedges, there are sometimes crazy months like this September, with 200pts profit (bet365).

    Little Acorns GOLD is a weird service.. based on Fibonacci recovery and while profitable even at level, I would not be comfortable with 50eur stakes and fibonacciing it to 1500eur. shows a long history of success. A little difficult at exchange but should deliver around 70 points yearly, with one bet per day. Has a bad run now.

    The Value Machine by Kieran Ward is another bet365 service, that I do not know what to think about. I am there with 770bets and -80pts. Maybe a run you say? OK, but official statistics says that it should be profitable. Thats what I do not like.

    Multiples by Kieran Ward that should have around 30% ROI at SP prices has a run now. 600pts bank, around -300pts drawdown. Ouch!

    So in total, I am at loss as Jeremy’s profit is not up to cover the losses by others 😀

    MARKET RASEN 13.22 Giovanni Change EW 10/1

    • Fell out of the back of the tv i am afraid Peter after being a bit keen. I know you will have sound reasoning for selecting this horse but the Walford stable of 5 wins in the last 100 runners would have put up a red flag for me. Thanks for posting your selections, it is a brave thing to do.

      • Mark Walford,did have a 28/1 winner at Wolverhampton 12th November.
        My view on selecting Giovanni was Four runs at the course 2 wins and one placed
        distance one win from two runs ,going 2 wins and two placed from six runs,field size 25strike ra0 % , jockey on the horse two win and three placed from eleven rides

  15. Many thanks for sharing all your information, tips and portfolio’s guys 👦 😀

  16. Jeremiah Catskill was on a long losing run he had stop tipping for a while. Think I was -100+ points at one stage. When he came back in decided against returning. Hope he’s turned it around. Nice guy

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