Horse Racing Selections – 20th February 2021


Saturday’s cards come from Lingfield and Newcastle.

There’s three of four decent handicaps of over 10 runners and we have two selections from those.

A tad more encouraging yesterday with one of our runners, Going Native, nabbing a paying slot at 14’s, albeit was a drifter and went of at 18’s for those who manage BOG.

With no AW tomorrow, back on Monday morning around 8.30am.


For those on the £1k to £10k Annual Challenge, its currently over a 39% win/place rate and our bank is £8266.92 with an ROI of over 720% and current stakes £103.34 EW


Today’s member’s notes are below….

BOL (Best Of Luck!) with any of your betting selections.

Stay safe!

ABW Team

Today’s Selections

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  1. I’ve been a subscriber for about 6 months, the main attraction was the transparency, the bets and stakes are there for all to see. However, I have a concern on how extra place bets are recorded. Yesterday, for instance. The bet was recorded as a place, however on the vast majority of bookmakers, that bet was not available. My concern is that a false reading is given to subscribers that don’t have ‘that bookmaker’ available to them. Surely a placed recording should only be given when the majority of bookmakers offer it.

    • Hi Matt,

      Obviously concerned at this comment but looking back I think we have only backed on 4 paying places for International Law and Going Native of late. When I publish at 9 I review what’s available and duly comment. There has to be more than 3 of the majors offering extra places to make me record same. Aside from David on Friday with his bet365 account nobody reported any issues after Rogers post. There’s always the Betfair ‘edge’ odds to consider as well. There’s also been plenty of positive comments in via Nick & Ian about betting methodologies and how they play the extra places. Hope that helps and good to get another winner in for the month. Despite one of those annoying 10 losers we’ve added 20 pts back in for February 🙂
      Thanks for your continued support, GAry

  2. Nice winner tonight Gary, cheers.

  3. Gary, this service is going to be yo yo all the time because of the prices we are backing at. David, i cannot believe somebody who appears to worry about losers backing with Bet 365 and only getting three places most of the time. I have lots of accounts and quite a few i am restricted on or have been closed down ( not because i have won loads of money). I am a big believer in getting that extra place where you can. For me it is usually with Betfair as i find it hard to get the money on with bookies like Sky and definitely Bet 365 (they allow me pennies). I think the Betfair extra place is your best avenue Matt. I like to do the 20/80 with the extra place and although you are not winning as much it certainly helps the mind cope with the losing runs when you are getting some place money back. It won’t help with horses that fall out of the back of the telly though LOL.

  4. Thank you Ian and Gary…the problem I had on Friday was at the time of staking, Going Native was best-priced 16-1 Bet365 three places only; next best PADDY 4 places but only 11-1. As it turns out, BOG would have saved me, but at the time 11-1 did not look attractive. Do you think it’s always better to take a lower price and more places?

    • Thanks David, am always happier getting slightly lower for that extra place. Am targeting nett 8/1 winners throughout the season so personally generally would take an 8/1 with 4 over a 10’s and 3. However if I do feel that the bet is a really strong one would advise what I am taking the higher in the days post.

      Best again and gave a good weekend



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