Horse Racing Selections – 22nd January 2021


Ahead of the weekend it’s all-weather cards from Lingfield and Chelmsford.

Again it’s another day devoid of any races going over 10 runners. It’s also been a frustrating week so far with a pair of 2nds and four coming in 4th home 🙁

We’re looking at another pair of selections today.

Back on Saturday morning just before 9.00am.


For those on the £1k to £10k Annual Challenge, its currently over a 40% win/place rate and our bank is £9452.76 with an ROI of over 840% and current stakes £118.16 EW


Today’s member’s notes are below….

BOL (Best Of Luck!) with any of your betting selections.

Stay safe!

ABW Team

Today’s Selections

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  1. In the light of Gary’s comments about the recent run of 4th places, some might be interested in my approach. I only bet using Betfair (I’m gubbed anyway at most High St books for being unprofitable to them). For most of Gary’s selections there is a 4 places market on Betfair. If there is evens (2 decimal) or better I back the place on this market to recover my win bet (just recover it, not make a profit). The rest I bet to win. The idea is that this will maximise the amount I win when one comes in and that it increases the chances of getting a place, such as last night with Lucky Lodge. The downside is that you don’t make the same small profit as you would on a 3 place bet. However my way of doing it is more profitable long term. I hope this is useful to folk.

    • Thanks for the info Brian, maybe they need to oay 5 lol 😆

    • I like your thinking! So would you need to make the place bet shortly before the race, otherwise liquidity would be too low, or do you make a guess at the place odds first thing in the am and then hope someone matches the bet before the race?

      With some half decent odds I’m seeing on BF you would stand to lose less if the horse came in 5th or worse this way than if you had gone EW?

  2. cheers Brian, Thanks for the share, always good to get advice like this. I’ll give it a try.👍

  3. Thanks for the info Brian,I’m willing to try anything at the moment.Now back down below where I started on the 1st of January,not a good feeling.

  4. yet another 4th and a 5th earlier on….I’m sure our luck will turn soon….tomorrow even??!!

  5. Think Channel Packet only had one tap of the whip and seemed to be coasting towards the end of the race, so was done by a stronger ride from Tom Marquand in 3rd. Onwards and upwards…things can change very quickly with a winner or two.

  6. Good advice that Brian imo. A lot of my betting is 20/80 (20 % win bet and 80% place on the extra place market on betfair). I always make sure the place part covers the win bet. With ABW however i back each way and look for the extra place as said before, mainly with Sky Bet. I might go 20/80 in the near future.
    Andy i am surprised you are below where you started on Jan 1st. If you look at the 1k to 10k challenge it was £110.90 on Jan 1st. Today it was £118.16 !!!.

  7. Can someone clarify something that I’m not quite sure about?

    Are half-stake challenge bets placed on every single selection at the reduced stake, or just on those stipulated as half-stakes?

  8. Hi Nick, its just those who are doing the 10k challenge and caries by selection. Some guys just a set level stakes on each selection.

  9. Ian,
    Due to work commitments I am not always able to get advised prices,add to that some bookmaker restrictions and I think that is probably why I am not so ahead in the game.
    I’m certainly not giving up on ABW ,I guess due to work circumstances I will always be a little bit behind.

  10. Very difficult to get the best out of your punting when you are working Andy. I retired just under ten years ago and the difference having time for more form study, following market movers, watching horse racing etc is enormous. I am not saying it has made me a big winning punter, but it has cut out a lot of my losses. Apart from the getting old bit, retirement has been good for me…. Bookmakers restrictions is part of the problem for everybody. Bookies do not like astute each way backers, of that there is no doubt. I have been restricted with just three. Bet365, Boylesports and Corals. I back most of ABW’s bets with the bookies but nearly all my other bets are with Betfair. Don’t give up with ABW Andy. Losses will come, but in the long term i think Gary has proven to be a winner.

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