Horse Racing Selections – 30th April 2021


Friday morning and I am having all sorts of problems with hot spot tethering 🤨

It’s been a long old slog since June last year and did promise myself a minibreak during April. With this changeover month just in profit on the new £1 to £10k, I think the time is right to call time on the All Weather and concentrate solely on the turf.

Therefore, will take a break over the weekend and get stuck into the turf after the Bank Holiday Monday.

Hope that’s acceptable to everyone 🙂

Back on TUESDAY morning just before 8.30 am.


For those on the new 2021/22 £1k to £10k Annual Challenge, the bank is £1046.59 and current full stakes, unless advised, £13.08 EW

The All Weather bank currently standing at +146 pts to 1pt EW stakes with over a 39% win/place rate. 

Link to full results >> HERE


Today’s member’s notes are below….

BOL (Best Of Luck!) with any of your betting selections.

Stay safe!

ABW Team

Today’s Selections

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  1. enjoy the break

  2. Have a good weekend Gary.

  3. We win some and loose some im sure you will be back Gary

  4. If you’re having time off could you come and help me fill my skip up please? Have a good weekend 🙂

  5. Lol Chris, where are you located and i may pop over😃

  6. Yes, sometimes a break from the routine does you good. Enjoy yourself Gary.

    Let’s see if anyone has a fancy of their own on the 4-day break. Mystic Doug always welcome of course.

  7. p.s. It shows I’m still stuck in the past as I didn’t know if hot spot tethering was you referring to child-care, lol. Google helped me there..

  8. Hi Gary
    Have a well deserved break, this is always a difficult time of year to make any kind of profit, so an ideal time to get away.
    Thanks again for all your hard work, and look forward to hearing from you again next week.
    Take care

  9. Enjoy the break and the weekend 🙂 see you soon

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