Horse Racing Selections – 8th April 2021


Thursday sees just a couple of all weather meetings on the flat.

There’s a lunchtime card at Southwell with Chelmsford the teatime meet. Nothing at the former, but looking at the latter, our prior winner Engrave goes in the (17.50). Certainly one to consider for the lumpers in this one in just a 7 runner?

There’s one for members going in the (16.50) in the notes below.

Back in the morning with Kempton around 8.30 am.


For those on the new 2021/22 £1k to £10k Annual Challenge, the bank is £1169.57 and current full stakes, unless advised, £14.62 EW

The All Weather bank currently standing at +150 pts to 1pt EW stakes with over a 39% win/place rate. 

Link to full results >> HERE


Today’s member’s notes are below….

BOL (Best Of Luck!) with any of your betting selections.

Stay safe!

ABW Team

Today’s Selections

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  1. 09/04/2021

    Dear Gary,
    About your selection of Viola Park on the 08/04/2021.
    Viola Park has not run a decent race at this venue since 2017
    The last and only time that jockey was aboard the horse finished last.

    The horse appears to run better at Wolverhampton or Kempton.
    Heres hoping your selections start to show some decent form as my continuation of your
    service is dependant on a profit being obtained.

    • Oh if it was so simple Stephen 🙂

      I’d consider 50% place record at the track significant to say that it’s not averse to running there.

      I also don’t equate the Ffos Las form in 2018 as particularly relevant.

      Of course you are free to cancel at anytime, but feel a little harsh judged on a sole selection?

      You have obviously found the service and reviewed the past results to be here? If 10-15% winners/40 % win/place at selections of 8/1 isn’t enough then you are possibly with the wrong service.

      Statistically you are going to be having 85 losers in 100 and will be easy to pick a hole in everyone of them. It’s about the long term…..albeit I think I was in good form on the 1st, 2nd & 3rd of April 😉

  2. Deat Gary

    I just want to lend my support to whatyou said. Quite frankly, I have looked around and there are not many better services than ABW and I am sure that the vast majority of your customers appreciaate that fact.

    This is the first time I have posted because I felt the negative comments made were very inappropriate.


  3. Thank you Francis, I am sure that plenty of holes can be picked in the winners I have posted before the event. Sometimes you have to think out of the box, otherwise we will all end up backing the favourite. That’s the game we are in LOL 🙂

  4. That bloody twin brother of Davids has morphed into Stephen McBride. I am sure it was a wind up that post Stephen. If it is profit from betting on horses you are after, you have found the right place. Might take a bit of patience though.

  5. I would also like to give praise to the ABW service, I’ve only joined here in February 2021, however, after finding the review that led me here and before I signed up, I went through all of the results spreadsheets and analysed the number of wins/losses/profits – profitable months/non-profitable months and that’s when I seen that results match up to the expectations.

    One thing to remember with any sort of edge is variance, this means it will inevitably have a losing run; I can bumble on about value and variance until I’m blue in the face, however, if a losing run is troubling to anyone there is a lot of YouTube and pdfs about mindset that you can absorb should you want to continue. Mindset, especially towards that of an investment is key to the success of your growth.

  6. I think it’s Hugh Taylor trying to dis me 😄

  7. Ah well, maybe there is some truth in the rumour. I just cant tip a wheelbarrow 😀

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