Malaysian Grand Prix: Vettel and Ferrari Closing The Gap

Sunday brings the Malaysian Grand Prix and we know what you’re thinking “ohhhh isn’t Nicole Scherzinger’s boyfriend gonna’ win it again?”

Well you couldn’t be more wrong, they’ve broken up now and it’s a touchy subject so let’s move on.

More importantly, the Formula One title race is set to hot up this weekend. Four time Driver’s Champion Sebastian Vettel and his new Ferrari team mates are improving all the time as they take advantage of the new turbo-charged engines.

It won’t be long until the German gets to grips with his new car and regains a spot on the podium.


Vettel is 6/4 to win in the winner without Hamilton/Rosberg market.

Back Ferrari at 8/1 to be the winning car.

Hamilton v Rosberg

The on-going feud between Lewis Hamilton and team mate Nico Rosberg is the stuff of mediocre soap operas.

From childhood friends to fisty-cuffs in the pits, the relationship between these two adheres to all the Anglo-German clichés: they just don’t get on.

Despite recent public shows of affection to indicate last season’s tensions are behind them, you can bet that if it comes down to the last lap with both drivers battling wheel-to-wheel for the finish line, sparks will fly! (metaphorically, hopefully not literally).


Hamilton and Rosberg are 4/7 and 2/1 respectively to win the Grand Prix.

The Birth of a New British Star

At the risk of being too hyperbolic about this, Sunday morning could see the glorious birth of a flaming phoenix of Formula One legend in the shape of Will Stevens.

The Manor Marussia driver looks set to make his track debut for his new team with recent car improvements hopefully solving previous issues which meant they couldn’t even line up to race two weeks ago.

The Essex born petrol head is a highly-rated racer and one to watch for future glory and tabloid notoriety.


Stevens is 5000/1 to win his first F1 race and 150/1 for a top 6 finish.

Innovation: Sanitary Towel in the Helmet

Formula One remains the sport where the most up-to-date technological advancements in sporting mechanics are showcased.

From fireproof suits and turbo-charged engines to DRS and air funnelling flaps, F1 is a gadget geeks dream sport.

Nico Rosberg however has taken the technological advancements to new and potentially unhygienic levels with the advent of the latest sweat absorption device: the sanitary towel.

Expect to see cyclists and runners alike proudly flaunting their new headwear in the streets and parks of the UK from Monday morning.

The Weather

There’s a simple formula for drama and excitement in Formula One: rain = drama.

The Sepang track in Maylasia is renowned for its changeable micro-climate with conditions shifting from 40 degree heat to tropical rainstorms in the space of a lap.

With rain forecast for Sunday’s race, expect overtakes, crashes, bust-ups, tears and most importantly, big price movements.


Back the Safety Car to be brought out at 1.5

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