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Members Newsletter Service

Members Newsletter Service

Horseracing Service

After other FaceBook pages ripped our selections and claiming them as their own, we’ve put on a PREMIUM NEWSLETTER SERVICE for our strongest advices…….

We’ve kept the FREE page going for 2 years now – but have taken the step to cover increasing costs and time and detract the scammers with a small service charge.

Surprisingly, it was something many of YOU guys suggested in contributions to

That was a vote of confidence for us in that you recognised that we have continued to give you value winners and placed horses for the last two years… a near 50{70aeb3532cb26dbe277d25ea128ebb74de84b9bd22e1583b0eb1b73768e061f6} ROI during 2013 with a strike rate of over 38{70aeb3532cb26dbe277d25ea128ebb74de84b9bd22e1583b0eb1b73768e061f6} and trumping that with over 110{70aeb3532cb26dbe277d25ea128ebb74de84b9bd22e1583b0eb1b73768e061f6} in 2014….with a strike rate at over 50{70aeb3532cb26dbe277d25ea128ebb74de84b9bd22e1583b0eb1b73768e061f6}!!!!

Check out our past two seasons results…….HERE

We’d like to think it will be a ‘more value BOOOOMS service’…… we have always said… will find very few 6/4 selections on this site like many of the other Facebook pages around.

That’s not our way, YOU can do that yourselves…….we will only review and give the days or weeks best advices?

Some days we receive no strong information or so weak we will not advise at all – we hope you respect that, and that giving you short odds selections is no route to long term profits?

So what are we proposing?

Simples……two levels of entry…… can go with us monthly or annually?

Monthly…….£10 for the month……blimey, you know our results and the number of  +£500 betting return slips YOU have posted on here or our FACEBOOK LINKS represents a nominal charge?

Annual……..£75…..just over £1/week….enough said!

FREE SELECTIONS?…..Yes we’ll continue to post some of our FREE views on Facebook

How will it work?

It may not be a daily service, but you will receive our information via our newsletter at least once per week. Obviously you may need to adjust YOUR spam settings to make sure you receive it….and to keep you posted on Facebook, we’ll let you know when a newsletter has gone out?

Any other suggestions, we’d love to hear YOUR views, so…..private message us at:

For those who decide to come with, that would be absolutely fantastic……if not….no regrets….hope YOU have enjoyed the RIDE (every pun intended – LOL!!!)

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“...Thanks for your personal emails and guidance….much appreciated. I already made the price back for four months of your excellent newsletter just by using your each way selection today….thanks again...”
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