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NH Christmas Offer Winter 2018

Christmas Special Offer……Discounted NH Premium Service Winter 2017/18

One off payment……£47…….covers to end April 2018 ……AROUND JUST £1/week….represents a nominal charge?

How it works?

It may not be a daily service, but you will receive our information via our PRIVATE NEWSLETTER at least three times per week……..Festivals all inclusive.

Last winter we turned £1k into £10k on a roller coaster ride with 30 winners from 118 bets….see spreadsheet below.

This FLAT season we’re already showing a 45{70aeb3532cb26dbe277d25ea128ebb74de84b9bd22e1583b0eb1b73768e061f6} ROI with a 40{70aeb3532cb26dbe277d25ea128ebb74de84b9bd22e1583b0eb1b73768e061f6} strike rate (Win/Place) and turned our£1000 bank to nearly £8000 betting just 1.25{70aeb3532cb26dbe277d25ea128ebb74de84b9bd22e1583b0eb1b73768e061f6} 0f BANK


All our bets are THIRD PARTY proofed to the PLATFORM…BETFAN/TIPSTER PLANET – see above


If you want to come long this winter, we’re offering a NH membership only for the next 7 months  for £47 instead of our £75/yr annual service……check out the testimonials below……..


BOL…….ABW Team!!!


PS here’s what Anthony came back with after his membership was more than covered on the weekend!!!!!

These are a few more of our happy punters comments well received……

Give us a try via the link below……just £30 for the NH…..

How it works?

It may not be a daily service, but you will receive our information via our PRIVATE NEWSLETTER three or four times per week.

Sign Up below…….

NH Newsletter Winter 2017/8

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“...Thanks for your personal emails and guidance….much appreciated. I already made the price back for four months of your excellent newsletter just by using your each way selection today….thanks again...”
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