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Carrying on yesterday’s placepot theme as we’ve had a few questions regarding tactics on placepot betting.

With the  ‘Free £2 Bet offer from Betfred’ at the moment we will just run through some tactics and put one up for todays selected meeting .

No of Runners is what you  must consider?

This is the most important thing to look for when placing a placepot, especially 5,6 & 7 runner races as these are the races that can really boost the final payout.

Punters will very often banker a horse in these races as they think it is a small field and it will be easy for the favourite to be first or second. Get a couple of short priced horses out the frame in these races and the placepot can really rocket on this one result – no matter what happens in the other 5 races.

These small runner fields often get run at a false pace and develop into a 2 furlong sprint which may explain the shocks that seem to happen regularly in these events.

But which races will produce the shocks ? – maybe there are 4 races with small fields. Remember you are using a perm and you may have 2 or even 3 selections in this race (and all other small field races), so you have the favourites covered as well as one or two outsiders as well.

If the favourite is placed,you are still in it,and maybe the shock will come in next small field event where you are equally represented. If there are no real turn ups,well you are still covered and will have to settle for small placepot dividend this time.

Poor meetings can create higher payouts?

Commonsense really when you think about it. Some racing in the UK now is so poopr with prize money so low its amazing anybody actually turns up to race for the prizemoney as after expenses the profits must be negligible.

Low prize money encourages gambling stables and unreliable results….nett result = unreliable results = bigger placepots? Low grade Class 5 & 6 races are no places for WIN singles but can actually be good venues for placepots.

Whose on board?

Low prize money creates is lethargy amongst top jockeys? Therefore, apprentices are good to include in your placepots selections as they are trying to make a name for themselves. They will go that little bit extra and battle for to get second or third whereas an experienced jockey may not?

However there are some top jockeys who do ride out to the finish, and you need them on your side – the selection of jockey is crucial when doing placepots. Look at the jockey stats in the Racing Post and look for those place finishings and how markedly they vary from jockey to jockey.

Bet on late?

The enemy of the successful placepot punter is non runners. This will throw you and thousands of other punters onto the favourite – just what you must avoid as dividends will be strictly reduced if all those non runners are winners regards placepots.

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