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Come and join us in time for our next newsletter…..for info we are a small group of ex-owners who have retained some links into a few training establishments and offer around 3-4 weekly advices.

We began as a FREE service on Facebook over 3 years ago, but then found other groups ripping our advices and selling them on as their own, so we eventually had to go down the paid service route with a minimal charge.

We operate a Daily Newsletter service, mailed out around 8am and 10am on a weekend.

Our terms are just £25/quarter… long term tie ins….opt out whenever you want….

The subscription page is via the link below………

We aim to get out  around 3-4 weekly advices in our daily newsletter that is emailed out virtually every morning by 8.00am on weekdays and 10.00am on the weekend.

Please ensure that you have sent your preferred email address to


Check out our Premium Service

Quarterly…….£25 for the period……blimey, you know our results and the fee represents a nominal charge?

How it works?

It may not be a daily service, but you will receive our information via our PRIVATE NEWSLETTER by email at least three times per week…..once signed up please ensure you check initially that things aren’t dropping into spam or junk. All our results are proofed to the Betfan/Tipster Planet website……where you can assess our performance and decide whether our value approach is for you.

Obviously there can be losing runs experienced with the prices we operate at and that is the reason for the 1.25{70aeb3532cb26dbe277d25ea128ebb74de84b9bd22e1583b0eb1b73768e061f6}  EW of bank staking.

We encourage you gamble responsibly and what you can afford…….results may vary from season to season.


We operate an open and honest service and below are just a few ‘thumbs up form our members

Here’s what Anthony came back with after his membership was more than covered on the weekend!!!!!

These are a few more of our happy punters comments well received……

Give us a try via the link below……

How it works?

It may not be a daily service, but you will receive our information via our PRIVATE NEWSLETTER three or four times per week.

We’re ClickBank friendly so purchase with confidence…..

Sign Up below…….for our quarterly £25 subscription….opt out any time



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