Sky Vegas £1 Million Cash Giveaway

Skybet are extremely excited to announce the launch of their biggest ever promotion – The Sky Vegas £1 MILLION Cash Giveaway.
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It’s by far the biggest thing they’ve offered their players so far. From 27th Feb – 21st April, over a 54 day period more than £1,000,000 will be given away as cash prizes to thousands of lucky customers. There are over 1,000 guaranteed prizes ranging from £10 up to the top prize of £5,000. With over 300 qualifying games – including slot and table games they have covered all the favourite games.


How does it work?

It’s all about tickets – all a player has to do is play through the specified monetary amounts with no need to opt in and you will earn tickets. The more you collect the better their chances of winning. To earn tickets into the daily draw during the promotional period the following monetary amounts apply:  Stake £10 on qualifying games to receive your first ticket.  Every £10 staked on slots and instant win games thereafter will earn you 1 additional ticket.  For every £50 staked on table and live dealer games, you will earn 1 additional ticket. There is no limit to the number of tickets a player can earn. Earning tickets is based on cumulative daily stakes and therefore there is no minimum bet required.  Players can win multiple prizes each day. Each ticket gives players a chance to win 1 prize. More  tickets earned increases a player’s chances of winning.

How are winners notified? Players simply login to their Sky Vegas account and a WINNER message will appear. There will also be a £1MILLION Cash Giveaway page that will provide a daily update. The prize fund  status will indicate if that day’s winners have been selected.

What are the prize amounts? There are 1056 prizes with an aggregate amount of £20,000 distributed to winners every day.1x £5,000 5x £500 50x £50 1000x £10

£100,000 Golden Jackpot A unique feature of the £1MILLION Cash Giveaway if the chance for one lucky customer to scoop a £100,000 jackpot! This is the biggest prize to ever be paid out to a single customer within a promotion for Sky Vegas and provide the opportunity to win a life-changing sum of money.

How the Golden Jackpot works:

1. Players may earn Golden Tickets during the Promotional Period in order to be eligible to win the Golden Jackpot.

2. Golden Tickets earned during the Promotional Period will be displayed in players’ accounts 24 hours after meeting the relevant stake requirements.

3. Golden Jackpot winner will be selected at random on 22nd April 2014 in accordance with clause 14 above.

4. The winner will be contacted within 48 hours of the draw being made using their contact information registered on the player’s Sky Betting & Gaming account. It is each entrant’s responsibility to ensure that their account contact details are accurate and up to date.

5. Contact must be made with winning player in order to verify this win. The Promoter will require documentation in order to set up a bank transfer facility to transfer funds.

6. If no contact with the winning player is made after reasonable attempts by the Promoter within 30 days of the prize draw, then that player will forfeit the prize.

7. Player’s cumulative stakes over the Promotional Period will contribute to earn Golden Tickets.

8. Golden Tickets will only be earned for every 1000 tickets earned during the Promotional Period in accordance with the monetary thresholds outlined previously. For example, on slot games every £10,000 played through will earn Golden Tickets and every £50,000 played through on Table Games will earn Golden Tickets.

Additional Terms –

1. All promotional prizes will be awarded at random in accordance with the laws of chance and winners will be selected by a computer process that produces verifiable random results.

2. All entrants should log into their account on a daily basis during the Promotional Period and check their balance to see if they’re a winner. Winners not logged into their account at the time of announcement will be notified of their winnings when they next log into their account.

3. All prizes will be paid within 48 hours of the draw by deposit into the winners’ Sky Betting & Gaming account as withdraw-able cash.

4. Any winnings must be used or withdrawn within 30 days of the end of the Promotional Period or will be forfeited.

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