Always Back Winners fully paid membership’s work in the following way…


We ‘blog post’ on a daily basis whether their are any selections or not, typically we may provide 3 or 4 advice’s in total through the week and a couple over the weekend. We aim to have information with you by 8.00am on a weekday and by 10.00am on a Saturday or Sunday.

We do not offer ‘long lists of sort priced selections’, we wouldn’t insult your intelligence, you could pick those yourself.

It’s a targeted value selection with a full rationale as to reason for selection, be it; class, draw, pace angle etc

Non-subscription members will receive limited detail, but receive speed ratings and experts opinion for a daily meeting.

We will always email to let you know new selections or members content has been been posted and will contain a link to the selections post, where you will just need to click through and login via your own personal details.


Our staking methodology works on backing a ‘percentage of the current bank’ and generally we advise backing between 1.25% and 2.5% EW of the available bank. This allows for losing runs and offers 40 or 20 bets respectively, as a cushion in the bank to accommodate.

Our blog posts indicate ‘best odds’ at time of writing via ‘Oddschecker‘ or ‘ATR‘ websites. Most members operate on ‘multiple accounts’ to spread the load and any offers or account requirements are accessible in the bookmakers section.


We tend to concentrate and specialise in the the C3, 4 & 5 races where gambling stables like a touch or where improving horses can be ‘under the radar’ as far as being tipped by the general scribes or press who concentrate on higher class racing.

However, as part of the service we do offer selection advice in ‘festivals’ such as Royal Ascot, The Derby, Cheltenham and The Grand National, as an aside to the regular daily selections as part of the fully inclusive members package.