Many thanks for the numerous emails we received regarding your portfolios of complimentary betting services you use to supplement our service and to even out the flow of winners when one service…. (or ours)…. is not performing to scratch.



Check out Nicky Doyle’s excellent service at Betalchemist where current members are on a run of 22 out of 31 (71% Strike Rate) winning months since December 2015…and his analysis of the C1/2 races in both codes in uncanny.

Predominantly offering weekend and festival advice, Nicky can be easily contacted HERE.

His graphical record on his website is clear and as transparent as they can’t come more highly recommended!!!

  • All Results Proofed independently to Secret Betting Club – 100% Transparency
  • He guarantees you full honesty when using his service.
  • Since going public in December 2012 long standing members have won over 500 points profit to level stakes.
  • That’s £25,000 won to £25 EW stakes!

A full breakdown of every bet placed can be found in the results section of the website with results updated within 24 hours of each selection running.


Check out below…..



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