Betfair Exchange Trading e-Book

Betfair Exchange Trading

Not sure how many of you are Betfair Exchange ‘trader’s amongst us – we’re strictly EW singles player only as you know!

However if you want to understand it a little better then there’s a FREE DOWNLOAD – with this easy to follow guide for the Betting Exchanges.

If you want to take it further then there is an offer on where they will show you how to ‘Get Up To 65% Bigger Prices On Your Bets With This Free Strategy’


  • Get 2.00 against an SP of 1.80 (11% better odds)
  • Get 2.14 against an SP of 1.74 (23% better odds)
  • Get 2.20 against an SP of 1.90 (16% better odds)


It’s something we had always had in the back of our mind as generally our selections shorten on publishing at around 8.00am and you could always trade out for a profit?

We all know that the key to betting successfully is to always place bets that are ‘value’.

They’ll mail the basics out to you as a FREE – eBOOK from the highlighted link.


>>>>>Get Your FREE e-BOOK Guide to the Betfair Exchange<<<<




ABW Team


Betfair Exchange Trading e-Book

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