Many thanks for the numerous emails we received regarding your portfolios of complimentary betting services you use to supplement our service and to even out the flow of winners when one service…. (or ours)…. is not performing to scratch.


Cleeve Racing 

Cleeve Racing have been around a long time and well known to many and are one of the most reliable services out there.

They operate throughout the week on days when there is something of C2 or above and can be contacted HERE

Their website is clear and easily navigable with all results fully visible, with key points to note:

You can download their 2022-23 Jumps Season Ten to Follow guide, HERE.

  • Ten horses to follow profitably this Jumps Season…
  • No ‘usual suspects’… one of them is part-owned by our tipster!
  • In-depth analysis of each horse with it’s optimal conditions
  • Put them in a tracker and get an email each time they run
  • Everyone gets the Cheltenham antepost Yankee in February

They also publish a weekly review and there’s a full breakdown of every bet placed can be found in the results section of the website with results updated within 24 hours of each selection running.


Get The FOC, ‘Ten to Follow’ offer below…..



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