Horse Racing Selections – 20th May 2023


Saturday’s come from Thirsk, Newbury, Newmarket and an evening card at Donny.

Will be concentrating on the former for today’s selections.

There is a meeting at Donny on the evening with a decent C4 sprint. Previously backed As If By Chance goes in that but would prefer that reverting back to a C5 before following up on that one.

However, Elladora duly did me up like a kipper last night so will probably throw 50 p EW on that one 🙂

There’s a meeting at Ripon tomorrow that will look over in the morning. Little Ted is doubly booked this week and due out in the (16.55) so will have a look at the price on that one 🙂


Today’s member’s notes are below….

Back in the morning just before 8.30 am.

BOL (Best Of Luck!) with any of your betting selections.



For those on the  2022/23 £1k to £10k Annual Challenge, the bank stands at £936.11 with current full stakes at £11.60 EW with over a 37% win/place rate. 

The 2023 Turf bank stands at -16.2pts to 1pt EW stakes with over a 33% win/place rate. 

Link to full results >> HERE


Today’s member’s notes are below….

BOL (Best Of Luck!) with any of your betting selections.

Stay safe!

ABW Team

Today’s Selections

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  1. It looks like Gary has got off to a slow start (-16 pts). It is early days and too early to judge.Let us see how the profit and loss stands at the end of September.

    Look at the second selction today and in particular what is inside the brackets. Yes, a full stakes bet. Sign the season is beginning to settle down. Keep the faith.

  2. Hello Peter, for an old rickety gate approaching three score and ten i am doing ok. It helps when your golf tipster has just had a player placed at 275/1(i got 250/1). I think the horse racing authorities are mad and the majority of racing served up is absolute dross. I would cut the fixtures by at least a third and have areas of racing like North, midlands and south. With less racing the prize money would be increased per race. If we did that i don’t think we would lose many horses or people working in the profession. I would also have around five or six all weather tracks but have it at the lowest level.
    How is your punting going Peter? My portfolio is keeping my head above water, especially the golf and my laying method. Keep going and good luck.

    • Hi Ian,you must be my age on the looks of things,as for punting was going well until York which was disappointing to say the least,my old friend Les has now retired so he didn’t manage to get a big priced winner at Newcastle,but stii remember his big priced winner in the Ebor,so as we say in Spain hasta luego

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