Horse Racing Selections – 2nd October 2020


Ahead of the weekend, there’s a meeting of no real significance to us at Ascot and an All Weather Meeting at Gosforth Park.

We’re going to kick the ‘sandbagging’ season off tonight at Newcastle, so regarding the £1k to £10, have decided that this will be a yearly challenge that re-sets at April. Unfortunately we lost a couple of months this term, so this year will be June to April and then re-set at the end of the All Weather in March.

I will re-jig the spreadsheet for the challenge but maintain the individual ‘level stakes’ spreadsheets.

Unfortunately yesterday’s selection Delagate This Lord went a non runner, as it also did at Bath on Monday 🙁

Again we have sole selection to kick the AW off.


Today’s member’s notes are below….

BOL with any of your betting selections.

We’ll be back around 8.00am in the morning with a look at Ascot and possibly our first AW selection at Newcastle


For those on the £1k to £10k seasonal challenge its currently over a 44% win/place rate and our bank is £3932.67 with an ROI of over 47% and current stakes £49.16 EW


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I will also post same on Twitter via that highlighted link.

Anyone wishing to contact us directly, please use the email address……any FREE SERVICE MEMBERS looking to receive the latest premium service selections and join the next £1k to £10k quest.……just follow the UPGRADE link.


BOL (Best Of Luck!)

ABW Team

Today’s Selections

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  1. Good morning,

    I thought from a comment the other day that there were two £1k to £10k challenges. One for the turf and a separate one for the AW. Based on the notes above I take it they are now combined and will be reset on 1 April for the turf and AW.

    I just want to make sure I am staking the correct amount of money from the start.



    • Thats correct Andy will run it as an annual target. Sorry for any confusion

      • Hi,

        Thanks for clearing it up. I started late so will be behind your recommended stakes but am looking forward to seeing how high I can get the stakes myself by the end of March. One winner already has given me a bit to play with over the coming weeks.

        As an aside someone suggested I did Tom Marquand’s first 6 rides at Nottingham on Wednesday in an EW Lucky63 for a bit of fun. Staked £12.60 and first one came in at 100/1. I dreamt of the £2M payout for a few minutes then the sensible side of me kicked in and I cashed out for £306. I was pleased I did as the other 5 didn’t even get placed so made the right decision. With The Daley Express winning for ABW as well it was one of the best days I have had for a while.

        All the best for today.


  2. Sorry I have no idea what the staking plan is and would be obliged if someone could spell it out for me.

    • Hi Paul,

      For the challenge we set out with a bank of £1000 and bet 1.25% Each way of the balance. The bank can be whatever you are comfortable starting with, £200, £500 etc. If you just want to back level stakes that is fine. To level stakes we are around 130pts in front for 1pt EW backing,



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