Horse Racing Selections – 30th January 2020


A doubleheader today with horse racing on the all-weather at both Southwell and Chelmsford.

Quite a few trackers out and we’ll look to find the value from a couple of them to try and inch the bank further northwards. Yesterday we landed another decent priced place with The British Lion at Kempton. However, there was a bit of ‘discussion’ in a forum that we perhaps ‘massage the prices’ 🙁

I’m not one for negativity and rather concentrate on what we are about. That is researching and highlighting big priced charges as oppose to tittle-tattle as to whether you got 14’s or 12’s. Or more to the point, insulting your intelligence and offering you short-priced selections at under 4/1 that any Joe Bloggs can tip up! Nevertheless, I’ve looked back through the big priced winning results, plus your posted betting slips and happy that the vast majority of you are getting within at least 2 of prices taken at the time of posting. The wins with the likes of King Athelstan, Bee Machine, Real Estate were very nearly SP!!!

However, it must be said, yesterday looked an exception by our normal offering with The British Lion being ploughed into mid-morning to 6’s and an R4!!!

I know the vast majority of you are always on soon after 8.00 am when our advertised prices are available. Nonetheless, I do not like the integrity of this site being called so must stress, please note our BLOG goes LIVE at around 8.00 am on a weekday and 10.00 am on a weekend. The email that is sent is purely a backup and unfortunately, that takes around 30 minutes to cycle so may not arrive until 8.30 ish depending on your email address. You can also set to allow notifications when we post any new content, that I believe lands more quickly?

Our bet with SkyBet with the enhanced 4th slot was placed at 7.55 just before we pressed the tits for the email to go out. Subsequently then placed a secondary bet on behalf of a member who had a 365 account and obtained 11’s around 8.15, so decent prices were available at that time 🙂

‘Nuff said on the subject – just to re-iterate, please try and get your bets on as close to posting time of 8.00am and not waiting for the email 🙂

Back to today, we’ve two selections and one from each meeting 🙂


Today’s member’s notes are below….

Have a good weekend and BOL with your betting today.


For those on the £1k to £10k AW challenge….it’s a near 40% win/place strike rate and our bank is now £2248.12 with current stakes £28.10


Anyone wishing to contact us directly, please use the email address or at feedback@……any FREE SERVICE MEMBERS looking to receive the latest premium service selections and join the next £1k to £10k quest.……just follow the UPGRADE link.


BOL (Best Of Luck!)

ABW Team

Today’s Selections

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