Horse Racing Selections – 5th October 2020


We start the week with flat racing at Pontefract and an All Weather meeting at Wolves.

We have a couple of half stakes selections to kick the week off.


Today’s member’s notes are below….

BOL with any of your betting selections.

With nothing going tomorrow, we’ll be back around 8.00am in the morning.


For those on the £1k to £10k Annual challenge, its currently over a 44% win/place rate and our bank is £3786.42 with an ROI of over 55% and current stakes £47.33 EW


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Anyone wishing to contact us directly, please use the email address……any FREE SERVICE MEMBERS looking to receive the latest premium service selections and join the next £1k to £10k quest.……just follow the UPGRADE link.


BOL (Best Of Luck!)

ABW Team

Today’s Selections

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  1. What is a half stakes challenge bet?

    • Hi Alan,

      I asked this the other week as I have just joined myself.

      If you start with a £1k bank then a full stake is £12.50 EW (1.25% EW). A half stake challenge bet is 0.625% EW so would be £6.25 EW. At the start of each day you work out what 1.25% is of your new bank (this will be higher/lower depending on whether you win/lose) and for a full stake bet this is what you now bet for that day (1.25% EW). If ABW advise a half stakes bet it is 0.625% EW.

      Most bets I have seen are half stakes bets. There was a winner last Wednesday which meant a full stakes bet for me increased to £14.06 EW and a half stakes bet would have been £7.03 EW.

      I hope this helps and I am sure ABW will add anything further.


  2. Spot on Andy, you passed the math test😃

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