Horse Racing Update – 17th March 2020


Today’s announcement from the British Horse Racing Board means a suspension of all horse racing in the UK until the end of April. Possibly that is a tad ambitious anyway, with some forecasts that we will not see a peak until June?

Obviously, my prime concern at this time is the wellness and financial stability of the members and their families. To that effect, have taken the decision to put all memberships ‘on-hold’ at this time.

I notice a few have you have done so yourselves through the member’s area and I will be looking at the mechanism in the website ‘back-end’ for those who haven’t figured how to do so.

As a sole trader, it’s gutting, though can cover the fixed operating costs of the website in the interim and crack on with my day job. Hopefully, we can pick up where we left off in the summer, albeit no one really knows how the Covid 19 virus will unfold.

I was listening to Talk Sport Radio today and there’s talk of the football season kicking off again in China mid-April which is effectively around 6 months since the first ‘claimed’ cases.

I will be posting ‘new angles’ material out for perusal and will keep that as ‘unrestricted content’ as I believe when memberships are paused, the protected areas would not be visible.

Any comments you want to add or angles you would like to see, please feel free to post in the forum comments below.

Alternatively, drop me a line at


Thanks for your continued support…..and stay safe 🙂







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