Horse Racing Update – 19th March 2020


I hope everyone is staying well and just a quick update.

I have managed to pause all ‘active subscriptions’ that I can see in our WooCommerce platform and possibly you will have had some sort of notification to that effect?

I am aware there may be a few of you who came on board ‘pre-website’ and may just have a regular PayPal payment set up outside of the member’s area so the onus would be on you to suspend until we get back on track.

It’s been interesting to note the various standpoints of other services out there and feel happy that we are aligned with the best of them – putting our members first, before professing any expertise in Irish, virtual or even cockroach racing to continue to milk a subscription.

I am proud of what we have achieved here over the last 5 or so years with year on year profits, by specialising in C3 – C6 handicaps and not providing long ad-hoc lists in every race.

Hopefully, that integrity will stand me in good stead when racing resumes.

Again, any comments you want to add or angles you would like to see, please feel free to post in the forum comments below.

Alternatively, drop me a line at


Thanks for your continued support…..and stay safe 🙂







  1. Hi Gary,
    I came on board pre-website and my annual subscription has already been deducted from my Paypal account. £75.00-16th March.
    I would appreciate your advice as to what steps should be taken in order to refund my payment.

    Kind Regards,


    • Hi Alan,
      I will extend the membership out to 6 months form recommencement of racing if that’s agreeable with you? It’s the same as pausing the current memberships and reactivating as soon as we get going again,



  2. Ok Gary that’s fine…..



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