Horse Racing Update – 28th May


I hope everyone has stayed safe  and well…..and ALERT 🙂

Just a quick update as many have twigged the return to racing next week at Newcastle, and the roll out programme to follow.

The turf has provisionally Great Yarmouth on the 3rd with the Guineas meetings scheduled for the 6th and 7th of June.

However, let’s tread cautiously through this first week at least – especially with a monster 350+ declarations for that first Newcastle card!!!

It’s going to be no different as if it were from the turf coming back at Donny in March…..experience says that the first month is a tricky one, and especially more so now with an unknown of which stables will hit he ground running on the back of this pandemic!!

Before this happened, I managed to pause all ‘active subscriptions’ and hopefully this will be as easy to restart commencing June 1.

Hopefully you have kept your betting banks in tact and not been persuaded by new services and experts springing up claiming to have expertise in a multitude of overseas tracks?

Perhaps you have and have had good experiences – I am always ready to relate any success stories you have had and pop me an email if so at

Thanks for your continued support…..and will at least post some thoughts on Monday 🙂

As they say….‘It’s Good To Be Back’….there’s a 70’s glam rock song in there somewhere by a disgraced former pop icon I share a name with….but let’s not go there 🙂







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