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Jolly Lock Betting Service


One for the ‘egg chasers’ with Jolly Lock………who are offering a Guaranteed Profits or Your Money Back on the Six Nations!!!!

Being from ‘oop North’ I’m a bit of a league man myself but these guys can show you a way you can make a bit of money out of the Six Nations Rugby Tournament – even if you’re not a massive fan of the sport, or hugely knowledgeable about all the stats and facts.

Phil is a professional rugby trader at the Jolly Lock betting service and reckons he can pretty much sort your entire Six Nations out for you, without you needing to do any research or number-crunching. This is a guy who bets on rugby for a living, so if you fancy earning some ‘wonga’ over the next few months then he reckons he’s the man 🙂

He’s put together the full package for a profitable Six Nations including:

  • A Full Tournament Preview so you can place informed ante-post bets
  • Individual Team Reviews – get the lowdown on each of the six teams, with all the stats and historical trends
  • Predicted Finishing Positions – Phil will tell you what all his research and statistical analysis predicts
  • Top Team Try Scorers – there’s good money to be made on the big scorers from each match
  • Weekly Match Previews and Predictions – as the tournament begins you’ll the latest analysis each week
  • A tipping service where Phil selects the bets for you, doing all the research and legwork, meaning you can bet on the Six Nations profitably even if you’re a complete newbie to rugby
  • Training Material – get all the help you need to follow the recommendations, place your bets, and use a sensible staking plan.

On top of that, you’ll be able to do some in-play betting in ten LIVE Trading Webinars. This is where Phil will help you to take advantage of sudden shifts in the odds, surprise events and hiccups where you can grab amazing value and trade outcomes off against each other to bag a win-win outcome.


Click here to see the full details


Phil learned his in-play stuff in the fast-moving world of Rugby 7s, then adapted it successfully to Rugby Union. You can just log in, hear his running commentary, watch his trades and make the same moves.

With in-play betting you can cash out of the match early with a profit, or get situations where you profit no matter what the result. So this really looks a cracking package…


Previews… tips… analysis… in-play betting…


There’s also a Members Chat Room where you can ask questions and exchange tips or advice.


It’s a GUARANTEED PROFIT OFFER or YOUR MONEY BACK if you’re not in pocket at the end of the tournament!


You don’t get many services that offer all of that, so check Phil out HERE today for more details at  and hopefully a profitable Jollylock Six Nations!

All the best,




ABW Team

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