Many thanks for the numerous emails we received regarding your portfolios of complimentary betting services you use to supplement our service and to even out the flow of winners when one service…. (or ours)…. is not performing to scratch.


Narrowing The Field

We’re delighted to be able to offer Ben Aitken’s excellent National Hunt Winter horseracing service at Narrowing the Field

We were conscious of not having something in place for our members who like a punt at the ‘jumpers’, whilst we pursue both summer and AW flat codes.

So, if you are the type of punter that loves trends, angles and following horses that the wider racing population are ignoring, but simply don’t have the time to do all the hard graft yourself, then we would highly recommend Ben’s NTF.

He’s just about to open the doors to his FULL winter service for which;

Benefits of being a full NTF member include…

  • Full access to the NTF Race Guides
  • In-depth analysis of the major National Hunt races (including ALL the major festivals)
  • Unique NTF Race Trends methods, to separate the contenders from the pretenders
  • Exclusive access to the NTF Unexposed Handicapper system with every qualifier being highlighted the evening before.
  • Exclusive access to the NTF Notes Service, covering all the major points from the weekend and highlighting numerous horses with specific notes, trends, stats and pointers for each horse to help with future assessment and betting.
  • Forum chat

Ben doesn’t look at the ‘bleedin’ obvious’ …….and is not all about, Mullins, Elliott, Nicholls Henderson 🙂

As an introduction, if you want to check out his ’20 Alternative To Follow’ just click the highlighted link or HERE to get that for FREE 🙂

Alternatively, you can check out the link….‘5 trainers who excel with unexposed Handicapper Chasers’ 🙂

I am sure you will not be disappointed in the content in the absence of National Hunt from Always Back Winners this winter 🙂

You can Join the FULL SERVICE for just £149.00 HERE, but please check out the FOC stuff as well.






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