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We may not have any selections to offer today but we’re excited to bring an offer from one of the most reputable partners in Michael Wilding at Race Advisor………the VDW  Maximiser.

Now we may be wrongly assuming that every one has heard of the legendary Van Der Wheil and his form/class ratings….that  seemed to revolutionise systems betting in the late 70’s and 80’s in the forum of the old Sporting Chronicle Handicap Book.

That was certainly our grounding ……apologies to the under 40’s ….possibly under 50’s amongst our membership who must wonder what we are bleating on about:)

The Van Der Wheil (VDW) method

is a horse ratings system that originated in the 1980s and it works by scoring each horse based on its form, ability or class. The idea is that there are more factors to consider than simply backing horses based on their form alone, as they can still be beaten by those of a higher ability or class.

The VDW method focuses on the top five horses in the betting line-up, as statistically this is where 83% of winners are claimed to come from.

The strategy in it’s original form was to rate each horse by their ability in the two most valuable races on the card, then back the horses with the most consistent form in the top five of the betting market.

The VDW Maximiser software uses the same principles but has been “turbo-charged”, claiming to make the method more profitable than ever.

A Place in History

VDW ratings have their own staggering story in the racing world. Not least because the person who invented them in the 1970s is the closest thing horseracing has to an urban myth.

He was called Charles Van Der Wheil, an expert of mathematical probability known in betting circles as The Flying Dutchman.

Spoken of in hushed tones, many regard him as a legend of horseracing, for making so many people rich when his ideas gripped horseracing in the 1980s.

He mixed class and form to make one huge measure – the VDW rating. A lot of people made a fortune and the ratings have had a cult-like following ever since.

And now, thanks to Race Advisor and the VDW Maximiser, they have computerised the methodology and added a bit more   are bringing them into the 21st Century – to make a new generation of punters even bigger fortunes.

And, best of all, we can bring that at a low….low…. low price….with the first two months, just £19.99 +VAT.

No catches, no minimum terms, no sneaky tricks……just the greatest VDW product the world has ever seen for just £19.99 +VAT for the first two months – and £24.99 +VAT a month after that.

Check out for fuller details of our offer and GET INSTANT ACCESS HERE or at the linked image below

It should pay for itself very quickly!!!!!!!

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