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Wednesday – 4th July 2018


A good night for members of 3 Lions persuasion – not sure if we can win this thing by set pieces alone…..a few more chances from open play wouldn’t go amiss?

Back to four legged matters……we have a couple for members below, one each from Thirsk and Musselburgh. I am working away at the moment so please accept apologies for the lack of a the speedmeisters views this morning whilst I sort the plug in import.


For those on the £1k to £10k challenge, it’s been 3 months of incremental profits…….our bank has grown by over 85% with an ROI of over 36%….current stakes are now £23.34 EW


Anyone wishing to contact us direct, please use the email address ……..any FREE SERVICE MEMBERS looking to receive the latest premium service selections and join the £1k to £10k quest.……just follow the UPGRADE link.


BOL (Best Of Luck!)

ABW Team

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