Come And Join Us For The 2018 Flat Season


We’ve just enjoyed a profitable NH season that makes good reading as the NH is winding up and we begin another tilt at our 3rd £1k to £10k in 4 years backing 1.25% EW of the variable bank.

Excluding The Grand National ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ meeting, our weekend NH selections since Christmas have yielded, 9 winners, 5 places and just 7 losers from 21 bets:

9 winners at advised prices…..Vado Forte 14/1; Wakanda 8/1; Kalashnikov 12/1;  Kelpies Myth 11/1; Jenny’s Surprise 8/1; Global Citizen 8/1; Sam’s Gunner 16/1, Thomas Patrick 5/1 and ……Ron’s Dream at 15/2.

….plus 5 places – all at ‘wipes yer face’ ew prices, and 7 unplaced.


Our Flat Season commences in the next two weeks…..


Come and join us in time for our first Flat selection…..for info we are a small group of ex-owners who have retained some links into a few training establishments and offer around 3-4 weekly advice’s. We began as a FREE service on Facebook over 3 years ago, but then found other groups ripping our advice’s and selling them on as their own, so we eventually had to go down the paid service route with a minimal charge.

We operate a Daily Newsletter service, published to our members on the website around 8am and 10am on a weekend……..there is NO LONG LISTS OF SHORT PRICED SELECTIONS….just 4 or 5 weekly selections at odds north of 8/1 that has projected our £1k bank to way past £10k using just 1.25% EW staking.

Each selection has a full rationale as to reason for backing… can check out a an example of what you receive at:


Daily Newsletter – 31st MARCH


Membership Packages…


Our terms are just £25/month… long term tie ins….opt out whenever you want….and after trying our service you could opt for the £180/ year (£15/month)

Check the full range out at the link……


Membership Options





Check around the site for genuine emails received from our premium members……


When Do We Start?


The flat is obviously in its infancy and already there have been plenty of meets gone to the weather already that have negated getting a few in the ‘tracker bank’…..Redcar has already gone tomorrow so the feature of this week will be Newmarket’s Craven Meeting – it may be a tad quiet on the selections front for the next couple of weeks so bear with us on that….like we always say, it’s a marathon and not a sprint and looking back last term, we went through a spell of around 15 places/2 winners from 22 bets at the start of May (more bloody crossbars!) and it was not until after Royal Ascot that we really flew.

We will continue the regular format – we will send out a notification email of some sort each day….even if it just to let you know there is just the speed ratings with no selections that day. Either way, as members you will always be able to check the ‘BLOG’ tab on the website that is updated around 8.00am daily on a weekday and 10.00am on the weekend!

Over the next couple of weeks, if there is an occasional NH bet to be had we may put that up until we roll-out the flat in entirety from May.


Please drop us a line at with any questions.


Just click the linked image to the packages below……….look forward to having you aboard!


BOL (Best Of Luck!)

ABW Team

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